MB3: Mixer Box

An application for playing and listening iTunes and YouTube songs


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MB3: Mixer Box is a unique YouTube client that allows easy listening to all songs from the prominent video sharing platform on Android devices.

Easy Playlist Creation

One of the standout features of MB3: Mixer Box is its user-friendly playlist creation. Users can effortlessly add songs to their playlists, and upon the creation of a new list, it begins to play automatically. The corresponding videos are displayed in the upper section of the screen, allowing for an immersive audio-visual experience. Notably, even when the screen is turned off, the music playback continues uninterrupted.

Trending Artists and Song Search

MB3: Mixer Box is adept at keeping you up-to-date with trending artists. This feature can be particularly useful for music enthusiasts looking to discover new music. The app also provides a robust search functionality, enabling users to find specific songs or albums with ease.

Unique Functions

In addition to its primary features, MB3: Mixer Box boasts several unique functions. The DJ tab is a notable feature that curates new music for the user, effectively serving as a personal DJ. Moreover, the news tab keeps users informed about the latest happenings in the music world, making MB3: Mixer Box more than just a music player.

Efficient Music Playback

Compared to the official YouTube app, MB3: Mixer Box offers a more efficient and enjoyable music playback experience. The app serves as an excellent alternative to the official YouTube app for music playback. Essentially, it can function as a free replacement for paid music streaming services like Spotify.


  • Easy creation and management of playlists
  • Continued music playback even with the screen turned off
  • Features for discovering trending artists and songs
  • Unique DJ and news tabs for music discovery and updates
  • More efficient music playback than the official YouTube app
  • Can serve as a free substitute for Spotify


  • Dependent on YouTube for content, limiting offline usage
  • Lacks advanced features found in dedicated music streaming apps

- Fixed prior bugs and problems to help improve music playback experience.

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